Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Been a while

Hey! I stil have this blog! Perhaps I should make a point to use it more.

Of late I have signed up at JetSet Poker. This site is remarkably nice. It runs Freerolls for Go!Points which are similar to UB points where you can use them to enter other tournaments or for product. There are tables for Hold'en, Omaha, Stud and even Pai Gow. Other things they have there are Headhunter games in which you can earn more money for taking other players out. I'm not entirely sure how that works because I have yet to make a deposit to play. The current promotion they have is 50% Viva Poker.

Some of the G!P Buy-in tournaments allow you to possibly gain more points. I entered a 100+9 G!P Omaha Hi/Lo one losing 109 Go!Points only to gain 713 Go!Points for making 3rd.

Another one was 50 Go!Points with the top 9 qualifying for Sat 500 Go!Points Quailier to get into the $33 WSOP Satalite. Winner of that gets into a $1300 tournament.

All in all I think that this is a great site.

For those of you wish to catch me playing in these I tend to play in these games:
2 PM: 109 Go!Points Omaha Hi/Lo
11 PM: Texas Hold'em NL Freeroll
2 AM: Omaha PL Freeroll

There are other ones that I play in, but that depends on if I can get into the game, have enough Go!Points to play in the GP-Buyin ones. Hope to see you there!

You can search for me as MrSquirrel

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Yet another Live tournament

Well, after doing some thinking I felt that I should play in the $65 buy-in tournament Limit Hold'em tournament ($4,000 Guanteed). I arrived there around 10:30 am just about 30 minutes before the begining, and paid my fee. I sat in seat 3 at my table. There were about 77 people in it. I had my ups and downs including getting a little mad when I folded my hand when I should have called, and finding out that if I called i would have took the whole pot. After a while I finished of probably in 24th position. Sadly enough is, that they only pay out the final table of 9.

What I'd like to see, is some live Omaha Hi/Lo tournaments better yet Texas Hold'em Hi/Lo (requirements you have to use at least one of your hole cards). I doubt it will catch on, but it would be fun to play.

Friday, March 25, 2005

First Post

I was bored and felt like posting up this blog to talk about my poker playing online and at the live games at Ocean's 11 Casino in Oceanside, CA. As well as my playing of other games such as Warlord: Saga of the Storm.

Anyway, I got an email from Party Poker saying talking about not playing your poker skills decline, and that they gave me $15. Boy was that a mistake since now I could play poker there again. Granted that I had to play 150 raked hands to withdraw that $15. After playing for a while and clearing the bonus, I decided to cash out of there taking what I had left in there before they gave me the money.

Money taken out: $72.44

Enough of the online playing, lets go to live games.

Last week (3/25/05) I decided to play my first LIVE tournament, and did remarkably well. These daily tournament usually lasts for 3 hours and they begin at 10 am. The weekly tournaments are $2000 Guantee tournament and include 2 random Bounty's at each table (when a player with the Bounty card goes all in, it is replaced with $10 in casino chips and whoever wins the pot take is all).

Anyway long story short I finished in 5th out of 103 players taking home $217 + $30 in bounties. Yes I was in the pot 3 times when someone with a Boutny card went all-in and I had the best hand.

Today was a whole new story, as I did some questionable stuff that cost me the tournement. Like playing in a hand and trying to put pressure on my opponent, and have him think I had the best hand. It worked to a stretch because after betting out on the flop, turn, and river he pushed all-in and I called (stupidly) and the strange thing was that he thought it was going to be a split pot. Granted I almost got someone to fold with the same strategy last Tuesday in a $1-$1 NL games. Next time I should play there should be Monday.